Hackathons are a tool for crowdsourcing ground-up innovation. These could be a one-day ‘Hack Day’ or full-weekend programmes that encourage creative use of technology and data.

To date, we have created and managed over 40 hackathons, bringing together different private and public sector organisations, their insights, data and expertise.

Padang & Co hackathons draw on the members of diverse communities and present them with a set of challenges aligned to the overall theme set by the sponsoring partner(s). These participants co-create, co-design, and co-develop ideas and solutions in a high energy setting in answer to the challenges set. Ideas are stress-tested during the weekend, prior to presentation of final prototypes to a panel of judges.

Padang & Co manages the entire process for our partners – from requirements gathering to communications / outreach and recruitment of participants to event planning and management.

Corporate partners include Accenture, AIA Group, Capitaland, Changi Airport Group, Konica Minolta, Singtel, SP Power and StarHub. We’ve also worked with a number of technology partners, such as HPE, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Oracle.

Government partners include Info-communications Media Development Authority (IMDA), GovTech, Ministry of Defence (MINDEF), Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Housing and Development Board (HDB), Ministry of Education (MOE), Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), Health Promotion Board (HPB), and Singapore Tourism Board (STB).

Here’s what a hackathon looks like:

Our Hackathons


NASA Space Apps Challenge 2018

Use NASA data to create solutions that help us better understand the earth and space!


Workforce Singapore Hackathon

Build innovative solutions that will transform the job matching landscape in Singapore!


OneService Innovation Challenge

Build new services for the revamped OneService App to promote neighbourliness and fulfill the local needs of residents and neighbourhoods across Singapore!


Learning Innovation Challenge

Redefine the learning experience for public officers and enable them to embrace the Future of Learning.


Smart Living Hackathon

Use the Google Assistant to create Voice Tech-enabled solutions that redefine the way we live and play, with StarHub and OCBC, in collaboration with SPH!


SkillsFuture Singapore Hackathon 2018

Co-create solutions to help our citizens embrace a mindset of lifelong learning, develop critical learning skills, and become more flexible in managing their careers.

Grow Asia Hackathon

Grow Asia Hackathon 2018

Create data-enabled solutions to help smallholder farmers in the palm oil ecosystem enhance their livelihood and drive more sustainable outcomes.

Space Apps Challenge2017

Ixia Cyber Combat

In this 12-hour cybersecurity combat, attack enemy servers, expose vulnerabilities, and win points while defending your own servers against enemy onslaught.

Space Apps Challenge2017

War on Diabetes Designathon

Create programmes and tools that help people prevent the risk of Type 2 Diabetes through early screening and increased physical activity.

Space Apps Challenge2017

Space Apps Challenge 2017

Tackle challenges faced by NASA Scientists and contribute solutions to the next generation of space technology.

SingularityU Global Impact Challenge 2017

SingularityU’s Global Impact Challenge

Impact the lives of millions across Asia with ground-breaking ideas that transform the delivery of healthcare.

MOE Learning Buildathon 2017

MOE Learning Buildathon

Re-imagine the design of learning resources like games, simulations, and apps, and co-create new resources that promote the joy of learning in students.

Designathon 2017

Designathon 2017

Design solutions to enhance the lives of persons with disabilities, helping them gain independence, integrate socially, and find employment.

NewSpace Hack v0.5

NewSpace Hack v0.5

Interact with experienced “astropreneurs” from Singapore and Silicon Valley, learn about the future of NewSpace, and get a chance to design your own space enterprise / mission.

IRAS Hackathon 2016

IRAS Hackathon 2016

Work alongside industry experts to co-create solutions that provide intuitive digital services and interactions with SMEs, the self-employed, and individual taxpayers.


MINDEF IoT Challenge

Create cutting-edge solutions powered by the Internet of Things to help MINDEF enhance their operations in logistics, health, and their workplace.

HDB Cool Ideas Hack

HDB Cool Ideas Hack

Help build better ties with our neighbours, enhance access to relevant and useful information, and make our homes and living environment more sustainable.

AIA-Konica Minolta Digital Health Hackathon

AIA-Konica Minolta Digital Health Hackathon

Build innovative digital health solutions that use data as part of a closed loop system – providing updates, actions and monitoring to evaluate efficacy.

Social Innovators Hack!

Social Innovators Hack!

Foster stronger collaborations and communications amongst social innovators, and build a robust social marketplace to accelerate the growth of the Social sector.

Changi Airport Hackathon

Changi Airport Hackathon

Redesign travellers’ experience – during Pre-Departure, In Transit and On Arrival – and develop solutions to help Changi Airport stay ahead of regional competition.

Ministry of Defence Data Analytics Challenge

Ministry of Defence Data Analytics Challenge

Leverage data analytics for decision-making in manpower, logistics and other key areas, in a two-step challenge consisting of a data challenge and a hackathon.

Smart Port Hackathon 2015

Smart Port Hackathon 2015

Improve the efficiency and productivity of the maritime and port services supply chains in the Port of Singapore ecosystem

Hackathon@SG 2015

Hackathon@SG 2015

Experience two full days of fun at Hackathon@SG 2015 – Singapore’s biggest ever hackathon – which features the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality and Open Data.

Clean & Green Hackathon 2015

Clean & Green Hackathon 2015

Help make Singapore a truly clean city and a ‘Zero Waste Nation’ by creating solutions that enable behavioural or mindset change.

Smart Health coLAB

Smart Health coLAB

Explore how data, tech and innovative services can drive healthy behaviours and prevent, slow or stop the progression of chronic diseases.

Smart Retail LAB@InnovFest unBound

Smart Retail LAB@InnovFest UnBound

Hack out the future of Retail by bridging the gap between online and off-line. Satellite event at InnovFest unBound conference.

Smart Nation API coLAB

Smart Nation API coLAB

Pitch your APIs and interact with the tech and data community to spur new use cases, and learn to unlock the value of data through APIs.

Manpower Hackathon

Manpower Hackathon

Explore smart uses of technology to empower workers with information and change the mindsets and behaviour towards better workplace safety.

Clean and Green Hackathon 2014

Clean and Green Hackathon 2014

Generate new ideas to minimise food and plastic waste at home and to make our hawker centres ‘smarter’.

Singtel Accelerator

SingTel Accelerator Hack Day

Open invitation to startups / SMEs building the next big app to compete in the Challenge and partner with SingTel to take their apps to market in 2015.

Smart Port

Smart Port Hackathon 2014

Develop data-driven solutions to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of Port of Singapore.

NEXUS Singapore Youth Summit coLAB

NEXUS Singapore Youth Summit coLAB

Brainstorm fresh ideas that is good business while doing good for society and the environment.

Wikiseat Makeathon 2014

Wikiseat Makeathon 2014

Learn user-centric design principles, identify a problem and demonstrate a solution through building a ‘wikiseat’.

Toy Makeathon

Toy Makeathon 2014

Learn through a hands-on making experience by reverse engineering toys to understand the underlying mechanisms and create new ones.


GeoHackathon 2014

Use geospatial technologies to address urban systems, demographic and environmental challenges.


Enabling Community coLAB

Co-develop solutions to empower persons with disabilities as consumers, employees and entrepreneurs.


Chinatown coLAB 2014

Prototype solutions to improve Chinatown’s visitor experience.


MICE coLAB 2014

Develop technology-enabled solutions to enhance connectivity and improve convention / exhibition visitor experience.


StarHub SmartFoundry Hackathon

Create innovative applications using StarHub’s SmartFoundry communications API.


Clean & Green Hackathon 2

Tackle the issues of air quality, dengue prevention, public cleanliness and recycling.


E3 (Energy Efficiency for Everyone) Hackathon

Create solutions that spark behavioral changes and help reduce energy consumption nation-wide.


Data in the City Hackathon

Create innovative apps that help improve the way we live, study, work and play in Singapore.


Active Ageing Hackathon

Help seniors live more healthy, connected lives.


Health UP Hackathon

Tackle the issues of diabetes management and workplace health, to help Singaporeans maintain and lead healthier lives.

Clean and Green 2013

Clean & Green Hackathon

Create new ideas towards a cleaner and greener Singapore.


Reducing Our Environmental Impact Hackathon

Create innovative new ways to conserve resources, protect our environment and make Singapore greener.


Arthur Guinness Fund Hackathon

Help marginalised women in Singapore, especially single mothers and ex-offenders.

UP 2012

UP Singapore 2012

Improve our urban environments through the creative use of technology and big data.


“Data in the City” Visualisation Challenge

‘Headline News’ named best Singapore story using data visualization – eGov Innovation, 3 November 2014

UP SINGAPORE, hackathons and ground-up innovation

Hackathons spark ideas for inventive solutions – The Straits Times, 25 August 2014

Smart Port Hackathon 2014

Ideas aplenty in port hackathon – The Business Times, 21 July 2014

Enabling Community coLab

5 teams get up to $20k to help disabled – The Straits Times, 7 May 2014

Chinatown coLAB 2014

Ideas to help visitors click with Chinatown – The Straits Times, 31 March 2014